Heart Songs

Yesterday I bought Heart Songs by E. Annie Proulx from my local Oxfam. It’s a collection of short stories set in rural New England; “magnificent wrenching pieces”, says Vogue, apparently.

I loved the Pulitzer Prize winning The Shipping News – in fact it’s one of my favourite novels, written with a lyrical precision, like black bark on snow, and unsparingly humane. Proulx’s* prose carries the scent of both Hughes and McCarthy in its regard for the natural world; she shares with the former a sense of the implacable hostilty of the wild, and with the latter a weight and watchfulness.

I’ve read 70 pages of Heart Songs and don’t yet feel disappointed. Once I’ve finished I’ll be back.

*this can’t be right, can it? Ugly, ugly.


2 responses to “Heart Songs

  1. Regarding *: I would suspect, given the sound of the X in this context, that you could simply apply the apostrophe after it as if it were an S. This may be technically wrong but it would be far more elegant than what is, I agree, an ugly form.
    PS It would have to be a Redhead route you named the blog after wouldn’t it? :-)

    • Alastair! Thanks for visiting. I’m not about to get all technical about my apostrophes but I’m glad you agree.

      And what’s wrong with Redhead? It’s a glorious climb, though I’ve only seconded it.

      Hope you’re well.

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